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As a Christian, it is important to know your Bible so as to grow and be able to defend your faith. However, some elements such as Jesus’ second coming, end-time events, and more, could be hard to understand on your own. This is where a pastor comes in. You need a pastor who is sound in doctrine to help you navigate the tough elements of the scriptures. There are many pastors but they are not the same. Watchfulness is crucial in finding a good pastor. Here are some elements to help you find a good pastor.

Ask around. There are so many Christians around you. Family members, friends, and workmates are people who can help you find a good teacher of the word of God. If there’s a person whose understanding of the Bible you like, approach them to find out where they get revelations from. This will help you to get a list of great pastors.

Something else to consider is what others say online. Many people write comments on nearly everything they encounter, and pastors aren’t exempted. Make sure you visit reputable Christian review platforms to get insights into what a pastor teaches. Here, you’ll know pastors whose life reflect what they teach and those who teach one thing and practice something else. You’ll also be able to avoid pastors who don’t teach the genuine word.

Attend a service. Even if you have a list of pastors to consider, you should not rush to settle for one. It would help to attend a service in which they are teaching. It could be a Sunday service or a bible study during the week. This way, you’ll be better positioned to hear the pastor preach and determine if their preaching aligns with your beliefs.

Consider a pastor who has been around for years. Although pastoring is not a career like any other and any pastor can have revelations, it would be prudent to choose a pastor with several years. This ensures the pastor has gone the test of time and stood. It also implies the pastor has spent much time with the word, thus having revelations new pastors may not have

Talk to the pastor in person. Even though you have comments from others about a pastor, it is crucial to hear in person what they believe in. Make sure you book an appointment with the pastor to ask them the questions you feel are necessary to ask. Ask questions on various elements of Christian faith such as how one gets salvation, if one can lose salvation, evangelism, and more to help you determine if you and the pastor are common in faith.

Embark on prayers. Prayers are crucial for any Christian who’s serious about their walk with God. In addition to edifying you, prayers also give you a sense of direction in your walk with God. When looking for a pastor, make sure you give yourself to prayers. God knows which pastors are genuine about teaching the word and as you pray, you’ll sense Him direct you to such.

Feeding on the sound word is crucial in informing Christians of their faith and helping them grow. A pastor will help you understand the word of God deeply, but you should choose wisely. Use these points and all will be well.

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